23 June 2016

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Importance of Games and Sports Essay
It is often said that "Health is Wealth" and it is an undeniable fact that for a healthy body, we stand in need of some kind of physical exercise. Sports and games play a very significant role in our lives.

Only healthy body can have a healthy mind and we cannot help admitting that games are as important as studies we should always try to strike a balance between our hours of work and play.
There are many who participate in various kinds of games but there are millions who enjoy seeing them playing.

Games don't play only provide us opportunities for various forms of physical exercises but also give us moments of leisure and pleasure. They keep us fit and fine and fill us with a competitive spirit.
We remain physically and mentally alert and active and our energies are put to constructive use.

Games form on important part of the extracurricular activities during our academic life. School and college are the training grounds for the outstanding athletes and sportsmen of the future. During our student life we are filled with zeal and zest and we strive to achieve loftier goals in different spheres in the field of games and sports we demonstration greater vitality, energy, courage and determination and we are always aiming at setting up new records.

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Games and sports has multifarious advantages. From the physical point of view the body undergoes strong and rigorous exercises. Our muscles grow stronger, our vision becomes keener and the immunity to various ailments increases. Games keep us away from becoming too bulky and enhance our blood circulation. Mentally games and sports refresh our mind and creative us the power of making prompt and proper decisions. In fact In a game like tennis our eyes, arms, brain and muscles work together in harmony and co-ordination. No less important are the moral advantages of games and sports.

A true sportsman always try to win but if he is not able to turn the table in his favor, he does not get irritated nor does he blame anyone else for the reversal of fortunes. He does not adopt foul methods to win the games nor does he criticize the judgement of the umpire or the referee.
Games help in developing team spirit and mutual co-operation. They also make us abide by the rules and regulation and demonstrate exemplary discipline, both on and off the field.
Sportsman is the best ambassador of a nation and they always carry the message of good will and co-operation. Therefore, the need and significance of games and sports is felt at all times and at all stages, both for an individual and the collaborative good of a nation.


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