23 June 2016

Importance of Games and Sports Essay

Importance of Games and Sports Essay
It is often said that "Health is Wealth" and it is an undeniable fact that for a healthy body, we stand in need of some kind of physical exercise. Sports and games play a very significant role in our lives.

Only healthy body can have a healthy mind and we cannot help admitting that games are as important as studies we should always try to strike a balance between our hours of work and play.
There are many who participate in various kinds of games but there are millions who enjoy seeing them playing.

Games don't play only provide us opportunities for various forms of physical exercises but also give us moments of leisure and pleasure. They keep us fit and fine and fill us with a competitive spirit.
We remain physically and mentally alert and active and our energies are put to constructive use.

Games form on important part of the extracurricular activities during our academic life. School and college are the training grounds for the outstanding athletes and sportsmen of the future. During our student life we are filled with zeal and zest and we strive to achieve loftier goals in different spheres in the field of games and sports we demonstration greater vitality, energy, courage and determination and we are always aiming at setting up new records.

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Games and sports has multifarious advantages. From the physical point of view the body undergoes strong and rigorous exercises. Our muscles grow stronger, our vision becomes keener and the immunity to various ailments increases. Games keep us away from becoming too bulky and enhance our blood circulation. Mentally games and sports refresh our mind and creative us the power of making prompt and proper decisions. In fact In a game like tennis our eyes, arms, brain and muscles work together in harmony and co-ordination. No less important are the moral advantages of games and sports.

A true sportsman always try to win but if he is not able to turn the table in his favor, he does not get irritated nor does he blame anyone else for the reversal of fortunes. He does not adopt foul methods to win the games nor does he criticize the judgement of the umpire or the referee.
Games help in developing team spirit and mutual co-operation. They also make us abide by the rules and regulation and demonstrate exemplary discipline, both on and off the field.
Sportsman is the best ambassador of a nation and they always carry the message of good will and co-operation. Therefore, the need and significance of games and sports is felt at all times and at all stages, both for an individual and the collaborative good of a nation.

11 January 2014

Television Essay

  • Television is one of the latest inventions of our age. The word 'television' is a combination of two words, "tele" which means (distance) and "vision" which means (to see). Thus it means "To see from a distance". On the television, we can see people and their movements from a very long distance. It is, In fact, an improved form of radio. Now, Television is very common throughout the world. It is part and parcel of every home. In recent years, it's range has greatly increased. Now through different channels, we can have contact with every part of the world. It is an important mean of information, entertainment and education.
  • Television can be a source of information. People can be informed of all happening in the country, in the economic, industrial and political affairs. On it, we can advertise family planning and health features. The president of a country can speak direct to the people. It is also powerful weapon of propaganda in the hands of politicians, businessmen and government.
  • Television provides entertainment for the people. It has taken the place of the cinema. Now we need not to go to the playgrounds to enjoy a match. We can enjoy it on television. Music, dance, dramas, and interesting stories are presented on the screen. Special program-mes for students, children, men and women are joy for ever.
  • Television has done a great service in the field of education and research as well. It is very useful for audio visual education. A teacher from a single room can teach a number of students sitting in different rooms. Students can see difficult experiments and operation on the television. It can also educate the common man within a very short time.

7 May 2013

Life Without Shopping Centers Essay

  • Shopping is an enjoyable experience for the Pakistanis. All shopping centers are crowded with people. This is because all the things one needs can be purchased in one shopping complex. Karachi is blessed with so many shopping centres, which have supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants and a chain of other retail shops specialising in specific and general  products. Karachi's find in convenient as when everything is available under one roof instead.
  • Karachi's major shopping complexes are situated in the Orchard Area and others area scattered over satellite towns and new town areas. The major advantage of Shopping Centers situated at Tariq Road, Where all lights air-conditioning and the products nearly displayed. Furthermore they also provide car park facilities and additional facilities such as food stalls and fast food outlets.
  • The shoppers are not bothered by the rain or sunshine when they are in the shopping center. Shopping provides a few hours of relaxation from the daily routine jobs.
  • Karachi becomes a shopper's paradise during the festival sea-sons especially during EID, New Year, Happy New Year. On such occasions, all complexes are lighted up and packed  with customers.
  • The modern Karachian cannot imagine a life without the shopping complex. People like to window shop to know the new produces in the market. Above all for a small country like o are very much limited, shopping provides and alternative relief.
  • Ours where weekend trips are very much limited, shopping provides and alternative relief.

A Hockey Match Essay

  • There are so many out door and indoor games such as cricket, football, volley ball, badminton, ludo, Karate and kabaddi etc. But Hocket is the game which is our national game and Pakistan has proud winning so many Gold cups and introducing many famous players like Sami Ullah, Kalim Ullah, Akhtar Rasool. Shahnaz Sherwani, Monawaruz Zaman etc. Hockey is the common game in Pakistan even a child plays the game since his childhood. Being myself very much interested in the game I never miss to see hocket match.
  • Last Week final match between Karachi White and Karachi Green was played. I was much eager to see the match, because of there were some test players in the both team. At 4:30 P.M, the match started. The players of both the teams attacked to secure goal, but the goalkeeper of both the team were very alert and experienced and they did not allow any player to attach from "D". Thus 35 minutes passed and first half passed without any goal.
  • After ten minutes starting of second half, Karachi Greens changed his forward player. The change brought wonderful change in the game and Karachi Greens brought attaching on the post of Karachi Whites. Due to continuous attach, they git penalty corner and they converted it into goal by indirect pass. The whole crowd clapped and shouted in favour of Karachi Greens. This game as won by Karachi Green by One Nil (1-0)

Health is Wealth Essay

  • Human beings are by nature possessive. We want to possess as much education and wealth,etc. as possible. But can one be happy if one does not have good health ? So health is the most important thing that a a being can possess. Hence the proverb Health is Wealth. No one will be able to work without sound and healthy body and mind.
  • Everyone desires to be free from disease and disability. Handicapped persons such as deaf,dumb or blind cannot live an independent life no matter how ell trained they are. Sympathy from others merely creates an inferiority complex.
  • How can we be healthy? One has to eat the right food at the right time.The food should be taken in limited amounts.
  • It should be free from salt, sugar chilli or chloestrol. The next pahse is good exercies.Playing Games,Jogging,Swimming,Boxing types of self defense are the common exercises practiced by Singaporeans. The exercises for children commence in school. School Children are being taught physical education as a subject. Every child needs to be physically and mentally healthy to study well.
  • A country can be termed as healthy if the citizens maintain good health and clear minds. Though sick persons are looked after in hospitals, or by their dependents at home or even by charitable institutions they will still consider themselves to be a burden to others.
  • A healthy state can be only attained through hygienic living conditions. The environment should be clean and free from air pollution. If this is achieved people will not be unhealthy and lazy.
  • We Pakistanis are fortunate though to have a high life standard with modern homes and a clean environment village. So, if health is wealth, Pakistani are the wealthiest peoples in the world!

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