11 January 2014

Television Essay

  • Television is one of the latest inventions of our age. The word 'television' is a combination of two words, "tele" which means (distance) and "vision" which means (to see). Thus it means "To see from a distance". On the television, we can see people and their movements from a very long distance. It is, In fact, an improved form of radio. Now, Television is very common throughout the world. It is part and parcel of every home. In recent years, it's range has greatly increased. Now through different channels, we can have contact with every part of the world. It is an important mean of information, entertainment and education.
  • Television can be a source of information. People can be informed of all happening in the country, in the economic, industrial and political affairs. On it, we can advertise family planning and health features. The president of a country can speak direct to the people. It is also powerful weapon of propaganda in the hands of politicians, businessmen and government.
  • Television provides entertainment for the people. It has taken the place of the cinema. Now we need not to go to the playgrounds to enjoy a match. We can enjoy it on television. Music, dance, dramas, and interesting stories are presented on the screen. Special program-mes for students, children, men and women are joy for ever.
  • Television has done a great service in the field of education and research as well. It is very useful for audio visual education. A teacher from a single room can teach a number of students sitting in different rooms. Students can see difficult experiments and operation on the television. It can also educate the common man within a very short time.


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