7 May 2013

Life Without Shopping Centers Essay

  • Shopping is an enjoyable experience for the Pakistanis. All shopping centers are crowded with people. This is because all the things one needs can be purchased in one shopping complex. Karachi is blessed with so many shopping centres, which have supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants and a chain of other retail shops specialising in specific and general  products. Karachi's find in convenient as when everything is available under one roof instead.
  • Karachi's major shopping complexes are situated in the Orchard Area and others area scattered over satellite towns and new town areas. The major advantage of Shopping Centers situated at Tariq Road, Where all lights air-conditioning and the products nearly displayed. Furthermore they also provide car park facilities and additional facilities such as food stalls and fast food outlets.
  • The shoppers are not bothered by the rain or sunshine when they are in the shopping center. Shopping provides a few hours of relaxation from the daily routine jobs.
  • Karachi becomes a shopper's paradise during the festival sea-sons especially during EID, New Year, Happy New Year. On such occasions, all complexes are lighted up and packed  with customers.
  • The modern Karachian cannot imagine a life without the shopping complex. People like to window shop to know the new produces in the market. Above all for a small country like o are very much limited, shopping provides and alternative relief.
  • Ours where weekend trips are very much limited, shopping provides and alternative relief.


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